McDonald's CARAMEL FRAPPE Is The Best I've Ever Had

Product review of McDonald's CARAMEL FRAPPE, The Best Ever

If you're a purveyor of all things really sweet, then like myself, you have probably found yourself chasing things like Starbucks Caramal Frapp, Krispy Kreme original glazed donuts, See's P-Nut Crunch and the like.

We are in a club where our sweet tooth has yet to meet its match... though an entire bag of Krispy Kreme glazed or a half pound of P-Nut Crunch has defeated me in the past!

But lately, I've found something that is advertised as Caramel flavored, and it delivers in bucket loads and that's McDonald's Caramel Frappe.

For those that don't know, Frappes come from the east coast and are pretty much just a thin milk shake where you don't have to battle the thick and yummy contents of a shake.

So even though McDonald's introduced Frappes to their menu, I was extremely slow in check them out. I mean, it's McDonald's, right? But one day I was walking by and the window dressing caught my attention and I was in the right mood for one.

I hit gold!

It's officially called the "McCafé Caramel Frappé with Caramel Drizzle," for the record and the small size can deliver 420 calories and 7g of protein! The large gets scary, if you're a calorie watcher, because it delivers 670 calories (240 from fat) and 11g of protein. With that out of the way...

McDonald's Caramel Frappe is absolutely perfect. It's as sweet as you would expect it (considering the calorie count!) and is perfect to the last drop. It's almost impossible to put down. But you HAVE TO for a lot of sad reasons.

If you do go try this, I'd recommend the small size first, and I recommend sipping, not sucking it down in one fell swoop... which I made the happy mistake of doing the first time I got one.

Why the warning?

1: HUGE calories. I limit myself to one small or medium a week right now.

2: Brain freeze: They got this down to the point that if you plow through this, you will get that brain freeze effect.

3: Chest/Gut freeze: If you plow through it like I did, it will attempt to stop you when you experience the chest freeze too.

When you combine both brain and chest freezes, it hurts. Some like the brain and chest freezes. I loved the first one... but I can only take so much of those.

And this is NOT A BAD THING... these freezes, I just thought I should warn you.

4: Did I mention the calories? After the first few weeks of discovering these caramel frappes, let me just say that for "some reason," my usual exercise regime seemed to be failing me in the department of my, um, girth. But once I started executing some self-control about how many or how much of these wonderful frappes I was consuming, that issue resolved itself.

Just saying.

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  1. I have a McDonald's Carmel frappe almost everyday, love them.
    The Carmel is really good.
    Last night my granddaughter and I got one and she said the Carmel is different.
    It absolutely was different.
    Normally the Carmel stays on the sides and at some point clogs the tip of the straw.
    Other than tasting like nothing everything was drained into the bottom of the cup with no Carmel left on the sides and bottom to enjoy after you finish drinking.
    I'm making a big deal out of this because I'm tired of EVERYTHING I like being changed or discontinued.
    Bring the original Carmel back !


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