Amazon Prime Caution On "Free" Shipping

The other day I saw a piece about a lawsuit with Amazon about their Prime accounts, taking note that some sellers under the Prime label jack up their prices to absorb shipping costs and thus, technically, you are paying for shipping. And that as it gets uglier, that Amazon give preference to their prime sellers.

I didn't think much of it, but sure enough, I actually found someone doing just that.

Check out this product comparison from FOTODIOX on Amazon. In one pic/snapshot you'll see where the non-prime item has a shipping cost of ~ $4.  The prime item offered, well, I think the price difference speaks volumes.  (And yes, I dropped their product from my shopping cart.

Amazon non-prime priced item
Amazon Prime priced item, with "no shipping"



Much of the time my products are large enough that I'm not sure I care, as long as the price I get is better than other competitors.  But this definitely brings to bear a fascinating aspect about NOT TRUSTING the process and verifying what it is you think you're getting.

I've said this time and time again about stores.  The Target in Redwood City, CA, is MUCH pricier than nearby grocery stores, of all places, on same items. My wife pointed out an almost $3 difference on a small make-up item that cost around $4 in the grocery store and near $7 in Target. 

Many years ago I was shocked by Costco on a product I had been buying there, while under the assumption they were the lowest priced vendor.

So keep your eyes peeled and do not get comfortable.  It's your wallet and they don't care about it, while you do.

{Prime Lawsuit}

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