NAP NANNY recall: Deaths Associated with the product

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Back in January of 2013, I published a product ecall concerning the Nap Nanny. And again in July of that year, it was reported that five deaths were associated with it and the company who distributed them, Baby Matters LLC, was under litigation regarding pulling the product from the market.

I know I don't have a huge following for this consumer based blog, but I try to distribute the more important recalls, like ones concerning products that endanger children.

Despite product recalls, though they seem benign or extreme, those that have deaths related to them seem even more foreign but should never be disregarded.  If it happened once, it can happen again.  To be honest, most people cruise through life thinking if it hasn't happened to them....

Now there are six deaths attributed to the Nap Nanny, a product that has been on recall for more than eighteen (18) months.

The latest death involved an 8-month-old girl from New Jersey, who suffocated while secured by the recliner belt.  She was trapped between the product and a crib bumper.

It's horrifying on many levels.

It's horrifying that the product is still in use, that the baby went unattended long enough for this to happen and what's more horrifying is that BABY MATTERS, the company that invented and sold the product, refused to pull their dangerous product from shelves, even after the first five deaths.

Retailers like, Buy Buy Baby, and Toys “R” Us/Babies “R” Us took the initiative and pulled the product, and then in mid-2013, CPSC was forced to sue Baby Matters, as the company continued to say there was nothing wrong with their product, and the deaths were attributed to mis-use.

What a horrible stance to take. Sure, but itself, out on a flat surface, away from any confining or threatening walls or barricades, it is safe.  But what's happening is folks are using the product in a "convenient" fashion, inside cribs, and that's where things could go horribly wrong.

Philadelphia sportscaster Leslie Gudel, who invented the product, said in a press distribution that...

"Baby Matters is disappointed to hear that four retailers have chosen to voluntarily recall the Nap Nanny.  As I’ve said before, the loss of an infant is an unthinkable tragedy, and I am truly heartbroken for the families who have lost a child.  But when the Nap Nanny has been used properly, no infant has ever suffered an injury requiring medical attention."

I can only shake my head.


Between 2009 and 2012, approximately 165,000 Nap Nanny recliners were sold.  Once a recall is in effect, it's illegal to sell the item in question.  But there are concerns that no one is seeing the recalls or that they might be getting sold in garage sales or what not.

Baby Matters is now out of business, but that does not bring back six beautiful, young lives.

But what can be done is that anyone who sees this news should become pests of their friends to make sure they aren't using the Nap Nanny.  They've proven to be dangerous, "when not used properly."  And if your friends think they're not in danger, I'd still press the matter.  Six is a crazy number.  I'd hate my friends to become yet another sad statistic.

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