Why You Miss 80% of FACEBOOK Page Posts

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Do You Want To Hear FACEBOOK's Reasoning behind Why You Don't Get All the content you expect?

Facebook recently had a public conversation with some folks and during that conversation, they bullsh...  explained why we only see a certain percentage of the content we sign up for to see, or why we don't see our even our friends content sometimes.

They said,

"There is simply too much content being produced that is competing for showing up on your timeline. So Facebook needs to make decisions on what you see and do not see."

If that's the case, then I'm seriously impressed with how Twitter can feed us 100% of all of the content we sign up for! Kudos to Twitter!

It turns out that if you were to sign up to follow or be friends with around 1,500 entities on Facebook, you'd only see updates from around 300 of them, because of what they say are "factors relative to each person."

This is the bullshit called Edgerank and other aspects.

They also defended the supposition that money is not a factor when it comes to what you see.  But then I start getting ads that ask me to buy exposure for my pages that I host.

Which has me scratching my head.

Or not.

This is the world of the free social media platform called Facebook.  They provide a channel we enjoy, for free. Yet the price seems minor, but their messages are pretty inconsistent about what they want from us.

They want transparency but do not give users a heads up when they change things.

They want to make (more) money to keep afloat and create more micro-millionaires.

And they have you hooked. Your friends and family are embedded in this thing.  Your day-to-day lives are too, for some of you.  And it is what it is.

If it weren't for FB, I would not have reconnected with some people I haven't seen in thirty years.  And I'm only here tossing out interesting tidbits on some of your frustrations and curiosoties.

But I have to say, if more friends hit up Google Plus, I'd probably jump ship.  Facebook no longer seems the traffic source I thought it was... It's not even in the list of my top referrers.  While Google is.

But like I said, it is what it is.

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