Always Remove Your Stuff from Your Bicycle When...

For several years now I've been taking my bicycle to Menlo Velo in Menlo Park, CA. They do a bang up job, no matter what you bring them. They're friendly and always willing to help out if they can. It's a very popular shop, so they sometimes have a week's waiting list to get things done.

That was my "this is an awesome place" disclaimer up front.

But what I want to warn you about today, and I'm sure this can apply to any bike shop, is that if you like your gear on your bike, TAKE IT OFF before leaving it with them.

On two separate visits, I lost an item from my bike during the work process, and they were irreplaceable, in the scheme of things.

Last year they did work on my bike, and they needed to take things off my bike. One of those things was a custom light bracket. I had already pulled the light off it, but left the bracket.  But when I got the bike back, they had replaced all the standard gear and brackets, but because this was the odd man out, so to speak, I guess they didn't think it went on my bike.

Then two weeks ago they were working on my bike, and they removed my two tail lights, but only put one back on. The one they left off was a gift from a friend, from almost 15 years ago. It had more sentimental value then anything... even if it was still working.

And Menlo Velo doesn't keep a box of extras laying around. So I was out one sentimental light.

Suffice it to say, all I'm truly saying is if you value it, don't leave it on your bike when you take it to the shop. If it's just another gadget, who cares. But if not, pay heed and take care.

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