Palo Alto's Water Police

The city of Palo Alto is looking to spend an extra $29k from their budget to deploy what they call "Water Police."

So know we know how much they're going to pay the guy.

But what has me confounded isn't what Palo Alto is doing, but the focus on the general public.

If the public was a big user, I'd understand. But I've seen on several different sites where we make up only about ten percent of California's water usage.

That leaves big business, such as agriculture and what not, as the true majority users.

I'm sure "big business" is doing their part, even if we're not hearing about it.  Right?

In the meantime, all the restrictions and focus seem to be on the average Joe as they get pounded over and over about this dire situation. Right now most parks have backed off watering.  Most... some still seem pretty green around town here.

And then there's the bit I heard a few months back when this all started, where here in the Bay Area I heard one news report that said water usage went up versus last year, a small percentage. Way to go Bay Area... 

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