Curious Things Happen When You Don't Update Your Phone Apps

Things That Happen When You Don't Update Your Apps

If you follow this site much you may have taken note that I've had issues with my Motorola RAZR M smartphone. The camera on the phone takes 5 to 20 seconds to snap a picture, almost half the time it can't focus, automatic screen brightness is DOG SLOW, etc., etc..

One of my grumblings about my phone is how antiquated it became after a year of owning it. My experience has been so bad with this product that I've sworn off buying anything with the Motorola name on it. Period. I did that with Samsung 10 years ago. I'm lifting my Samsung embargo and swapping it over to Motorola.

But while my poor, old phone gets older every day, one thing that I have started NOT doing is updating my apps.

On my phone, under Google Play, there's an option to turn off automatic updates. And I have turned them off for a number of reasons:


-Having improved ads served to me is NOT something I want.

-Bigger and faster is NOT better on an older phone.

-Updates have horrible timing sometimes, like right when you go to use an app, it is busy.


Despite my NOT updating or changing my apps, it would seem that there is stuff going on in the background that suggests things are still getting changed on your phone's app, whether you update or not.

Some examples include how Facebook seems to suddenly be having issues with recognizing when to use upper case or not with your typing. For me, it suddenly started trying to give me all upper case words now when I start typing, not just for the first letter.

Simple options are tougher to find or enact.

I've been getting more black screens when I open Facebook.


Google Maps is getting funkier, with my traffic option highlighted and the map NOT updating when I open and close it. It is also becoming slower to update info.

Some features seem to be changing on me, from what I presume, to be originating from the server side of things. Which means that even though I am not updating my apps, they're still getting changed on me.

So that's that... I just wanted to share this experience with ya, so if it is happening to you, just know you are not alone. Now there's two of us!


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