Getting Rid Of Mosquito Bite Dark Marks

Mosquito bites and dark spots

For some of us, when you get a mosquito bite, it gets red and itchy. And annoying. For a subset of those who get bitten, we sometimes find our bites turn into this dark spots or skin discoloration that will haunt you for the rest of your life.

It sort of sucks but I think I found out how to prevent these skin dark spots. (The links in this article lead to Amazon product pages. If for nothing else, to show you the product I am talking about.)


I've recently moved to a place where all mosquitoes spawn from. Or at least it feels like it sometimes. And being one of those folks where you are the only one in a crowd that gets bitten by our blood sucking friends, I start to take this battle with the species personal. As in, 'I want a flame thrower' kind of personal.

But since flaming up for a mere bug is probably illegal, not to mention I live in a dry tinder box zone here in Morgan Hill, CA, I guess I should defer to other, less ubiquitous methods of deterring or dealing with mosquitoes.

One mosquito deterrent I performed was to cut the tallish grass around my house. This stuff was a few inches tall and when I cut it back instead of letting it grow wild, I found the ground at the base of the grass very moist and mosquito rich! Cutting this grass back and letting the CA sun fry the now exposed ground killed off about 90% of the swarm around the house.

Most excellent, but that still left a few million (it feels like) of my best life-sucking buddies.

For personal defense I use a product named Cutter. It has my favorite chemical in it, in the form of a '7% DEET' mix! When I remember to use it before going places, it does seem to do the magic.

But every now and then I lose track of things or am not able to get to "my precious" Cutter. And I do get bitten.

Recently I started doing research on getting rid of mosquito bite dark spots and the results vary from semi simple to crazy complicated, starting from "hydroquinone or azelaic acid creams" to various mixes of lemon or aloe goo from the plant and what not.

But my first and best plan is to start treating immediately before the bites become bad or just after they get bad.

I thought I'd try a few things to help my bites.

First I tried some anti-itch remedies that work great, until you scratch it. Then they seem useless. So I use my Jedi-mind-trick and focus on ignoring the need to scratch the damn thing.

Then, after my second spot showed up in as many weeks, I started trying attacking my spots and fresh bites with skin lotions. I've been using Aveeno and Medicated Gold Bond creams to what I determine to be a success.

I started treating a semi-fresh and new bite with Aveeno, putting it on liberally every few hours, keeping that spot/skin properly moisturized. The other product I ended up using was "Gold Bond" medicated cream. (This stuff doesn't ooze out like a fluid and holds together like a toothpaste, and is easy to use and apply!

What I did, applying mostly Aveeno (I bought the Gold Bond stuff to keep at work) every four hours and over a period of time I noticed that this treatment or therapy worked! No more new spots and the most recent spot that developed had diminished greatly!

We're all built differently so I have to emphasize that this worked for me. It may or may not work for you. But heck, it did work and thought I'd share this with you.

While chatting with some friends I was told by a few that this product works great! [Amazon's Thermacell Store]

Food for thought, with a few resources for you to look over, if you want to see some other options. Getting rid of mosquito dark spots,
Wiki How: Removing spots.

Mosquito image, via Wikipedia Commons image library.
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