Rohnert Park MOTEL 6 Review

I guess the first thing is that it is Motel 6. It's about $80 a night. But I was sort of expecting a few things out of my experience.

BOTTOM LINE, no matter what else I say, is that Motel 6 is probably your best economical option when it comes to hotel stays. It served its purpose good enough and I would probably stay there again. Regardless.

With that said though, below are the shortcomings, or perceived shortcomings, if you have become acclimated to other hotel chains.


The biggest and BEST aspect of staying at this Motel 6 in Rohnert Park, CA, is that it is located amongst some great services. They share the parking lot with Walgreen's and Black Bear Diner, and wow, was Black Bear Diner GOOD! And you can walk there.

There's also a Starbucks in the lot too, along with a few other things.

Across the street are some fast food offerings, and a grocery store across the street, and then off to the right across the intersection.

There's also a Hooters on the other side of the freeway from the hotel.

Yep, I was good with the location!


The perceived whoas were a few, but AGAIN, the place still served its purpose and did fine by me.

First up, the website says free internet. It isn't. In fact they rip you with two modes or fees for internet access... standard (slow) and fast (for streaming.)

My first night the access sucked and they gave me different codes for the next day, offering to refund my fee for the first night.  (It was so slow, that it was slower than my old Motorola acting as a hotspot slow.)

The TV had a grainy pic and very, very basic channel selection with two HBOs.

They have hardwood floors. I don't know what to think about that.

There's no extras.

No refrigerator. No microwave. No lotions or shampoo. Only one trash can. Barely enough towls. No laundry bag. No hair dryer. No Kleenex's.

And the furniture, I am sure, is from Ikea. The chairs are hard wood kind of furniture, the bed looks like a thin frame, stiff mattress. I looks like. It isn't too bad.

OH, WAIT! THere is a bottle opener attached to the sink counter. Boom!

The parking lot is shared with a mall.

The toilet is like a work toilet, it just has a butt lid and stand clear when you flush! You could lose a limb!

There was no spare TP. But that should not be a problem.

There were no "Do Not Disturb" signs for use. You had to call the front desk and they put your room on a list.

Ah, I finally found the ice machine, on the far end of the complex from me (near the office). It was in a room with vending machines and, ug, a common use microwave. Which really is not that convenient of a location for those of us on the opposite end of the facility who might have hit up the grocery store and were looking for a 2am snack attack.

The tub had one of those "permanent-like" dirt stain(s) that takes x-time to develop, and never or forever to scrub out with "elbow grease."

I would have loved a refrigerator so I could have taken my leftovers from dinner to the room. But instead, I had to waste them and leave them.

- - -

And that is that... I don't think there were any big or bad surprises from this Motel 6, but hey, we get what we got and it worked out for the weekend I was there.

Except for the disparity of the reviews I came across for the hotel., with 199 reviews, had the hotel rated at 3.0/5.

The breakdown was 5: 21; 4: 49; 3: 64; 2: 38; and 1's: 27.

The pictures of the place look great, but the photographer backed up and used the trees on the left to block out that part of the mall it is attached to.


Google reviews had 27 reviews, averaging out to 2.6! Some of the reviews were fascinating, ranging from police showing up to review the nightly residents, to the manager being rude and evicting people for no reason.


If I were to believe the worse rated reviews, it would seem I was lucky to get out of their with my life! LOL.

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