The Hilarious And Sad Aspects Of The Ashley Madison Breach

If you did not know, the Ashley Madison customer database was broken into a while back. Then threats came from the cyber intruders saying they need to shut down their service or they will expose all of their clients. Some folks were publicly pissed that this was going to happen, which kind of outed them. Others were funny about it, saying, hey, I didn't know my spouse was on here with me too! And some felt it was a violation of their trust. SERIOUSLY? Think that one through.

In case you don't know, Ashley Madison (AM) is a website where cheating spouses can go and make hookups with other people. In other words it's a cheaters site. Or at least they want you to think that they are a popular/successful cheaters site.

And according to estimates they had almost 40 million accounts of data.

But now that the perpetrators released their goods, unleashing the database on the world for all to see who the cheating people are in the world, it turns out that the only good way to cheat is the old fashion way, what ever that is. But it is not via Ashley Madison.

In fact the company seems to have found itself in a pickle due to the release of their client's data.

BoingBoing gave the world a fascinating break down of the database.

Out of what would appear to be 37 million accounts they found 12,000 accounts for women. But of those, only around 1,500 ever checked their incoming AM messages.

Meanwhile 20 million men desperately scoured the site for a hookup.

Then the investigative article discovered that despite promising to delete accounts of people who close them, they left their data out there, making it look like they had that many potentials. People even paid fees to have their data removed. Or supposedly removed.

Then there's the one GOOD aspect about this breach, and that being, among all the data, it was found that there were only three zip codes in the U.S. that were not in the database.

Nikolai, Alaska (99691) — Population: 94 (2010 Census)

Perryville, Alaska (99648) — Population: 113 (2010 Census)

Polvadera, New Mexico (87828) — Population: 269 (2010 Census)

Some premises for why not include not getting the internet, or only 10 residences in an "entire" town that had the web or they are indigenous.

All that noise for nothing much except for some entertainment while we imagined some folks were squirming in their seats, worried what might come out, while not being able to do much about it... without outing themselves.

Thus ends another useless bit of history from what is known as the internet.

Sources: boingboing., .yahoo.

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