When Will Facebook Ever Get Their Shit Together?

Will Facebook ever get it together with Video Volume and Page Posting?

When I ask about Facebook ever getting it together, I refer to the Video Volume controls And Page Posting?


How many times have you started a video in Facebook and found the volume blasting at you while being set at 100%? Yep, me too. Over and over and over.

No matter how many times I turn down the video volume to what I prefer, when I later start another video, I am blasted by the volume yet again because it is set to maximum.

You would think in this day and age, FB would be able to see what a user wants when they repeatedly take the same action, and say, hey, this user wants his video volume at 50%, we should deliver that option set that way every time he starts a video.

Well, at least you would think so.

Hey, FB, take note of our video volumes and set accordingly! You find it necessary to filter our feeds of stuff we don't visit as often as you deem necessary, so why not adjust our volumes accordingly?


Facebook Sharing more complicated

And what the hell has Facebook been doing with their page posting processes? It's getting increasingly more difficult to post to pages and I have to wonder why? Or to be exact, you now have more hoops to get through to post a simple article.

It used to be you could choose share, then chose your option, like your page from the options available and be done.

But now it's choose share, then choose if you want to share it without words from you, or choose an intermediate option what then gets you back on track with having to choose if you want to share to your own feed or a page feed.

So we've added an extra step or two.


Then posting to pages is getting interesting because whereas they use to pull the post header image over with your link, now more often than not you get an image-less preview.

And now you have an option to upload an image to be a header image in your FB Page post. That seems to be one more wasted resource of using a new instance of an image rather than embedding the post image.

And if you are not a primary (AKA paying customer) page on FB, you have to pipe your link through their debugging page to get it to recognize an image that should come with your post link.


And you need to "Fetch new scrapes" a few times to get your image to show.

WTF yet again.

I probably should not even go into when you leave FB to follow a link, how going back does not take you to where you were.  Nah, not this time.


At this point, Google Plus is starting to look more and more promising while we, the consumer get slapped, shoved and pushed around by Facebook while they customize the environment for optimal advertising income. (Which BTW, a friend of mine determined that

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