Turning Off "Your Memories on Facebook"

Turning Off "Your Memories on Facebook"

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In this post I tackle the issue of "turning off" my Facebook Memory reminders that we keep getting shoved in our faces. Whether we want them to or not. It's not so much a 'turn off' as it is a filter the hell out of my feed mode. You'll see. If you want to read my total experience, keep reading, so see how I got to turning off Facebook Memories fix. If you don't have a ton of time, skip past the page break to the headline in mid-secion....


A while ago I started getting these bullshit messages that "We care about you" from Facebook showing me images from the past. At first, since they were showing up every few days at best, I didn't care.

But I made the fatal mistake of clicking in the upper right corner of one of them and chose "Show me fewer of these posts." Now I'm getting them every day.

Other reports say when you click the 'X' a new one replaces it.

WTF Facebook?

Then I went in and turned off "On This Day," and by all reviews of my account, it is off. But my reminders keep coming.

To be honest Facebook, if you CARED, you would actually turn this shit off instead of showing us outdated crap we already forgot about. My favorite is having my memorial to my dead dog getting shoved in my face.

Thanks assholes. I really needed that.

This does not go without saying how many others are being confronted by this bullshit option of having painful memories brought back to the surface.


In various forums hordes of people are asking to turn off "Your Memories," and the official contributors reply with, do you mean the "On This Day" feature?

They then offered this:

"Go to your News Feed, click APP, then click "On This Day" (or click https://www.facebook.com/onthisday/?source=bookmark), then click "Notification" on top right and click "Off"."

Great, I did that three days ago and it did not work.

Another user quote said,

"Notifications are OFF; app is blocked.  The Facebook-generated posts still aggressively appear. Last year something very traumatizing happened. Today Facebook shoves this giant orange and yellow framed happy-dappy announcement "MEMORIES!! 3 YEARS AGO TODAY!"  It was like a punch in the stomach. It's perverse. And apparently you cannot actually opt out."

Then someone over on this site's parent Facebook page, Brusimm, on told me they wrangled with the dates, but did not remember where they did that, and to be honest, I could not find this option the other day, but here's a similar suggestion from an online comment:

"I kinda wrangled a cheat to this. They (FB) let you filter dates. So... I set the filter for Jan 1st 2005, before I joined Facebook, and set the ending date Jan 1 2016. So.. I guess it may require occasional maintenance, which I guess I can just set as a recurring date in my Gmail calendar or something."

Here's How To Turn Off Those Facebook "Memories" Reminders:

So I followed the suggested link, 


When I first brought this link up, I did not see any options that helped me change my notification rates of my "memories."  Previously my preferences options (Upper Right of this new window) showed me who could see these posts and nothing more.

I know because I kept going to it over and over this previous weekend.  Oddly, today, my 'preferences' options show me the following:


OK, let's do this.

I clicked on "Edit" to the right of "Dates."

Of course a different screen comes up where I now have to select "Select Dates."

"Let us know if there are dates you don't want to see memories from."

Ya think???

I chose November 1st, 2000 for the start date and chose December 31st, 2020.

Now keep in mind, that the menu they offer you only lets you choose up to December 31st, 2015. But once I chose this, I manually updated the date to 2020.

I clicked "Done." "Save, "Close" and now my "Never Miss a Memory" page is totally blank.

The reason I chose 2020 is I presume that by then, I'll be off of Facebook...  at this rate, I hope.

And that's how ya do it! Or, um, that's what I did today.  Now, to see it this will take. That, if Facebook cares, should work. Right?


- - -


At first I did not think it worked because I continued to get memory requests from FB.  But a few days later I noticed that I was no longer getting the memory reminders!

- - -

Thanks to Faith S. for pointing me in the right direction.

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