Friday, January 29, 2016

New Facebook Emoji Are Coming

 New Emoji from Facebook

It's been confirmed with little detail (but what's new in the "informing the public" mode?), but Facebook will be releasing new emoji fairly soon to the USA.

Facebook has been testing the new emoji in other countries first and apparently they are a hit. So here they come.

It makes sense, because after all these years of just a "like" button,  it was plainly inappropriate to hit "Like" when you are trying to acknowledge someone's loss of a pet or family member. I mean, seriously, Hey dude, I "Like" that your entire family tumbled over a cliff in the car, screaming and suffering for hours before perishing.

Um, yea, no. But damn, it did take a long time for this to take place.

According to one Sydney Australia paper, if you hold down the thumbs-up "Like" symbol, the other five additional emoji will appear. They are Angry, Sad, Wow, Haha and Love.

Took ya long enough FB!

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