Android GOOGLE OS Update To MARSHMALLOW Brings SPAM To Your Phone

My Samsung s6 just got a Google OS system update.

These were the initial events after that:

It was my Google OS that was updated, to G920VVRU4CPC2, referred to as Android 6, cutesy code name of Marshmallow.

The update took a while and took some battery power with it. So if you see your phone updating, plug it in. Mine took about an hour.

With the phone in a stand-down mode, (screen off, not being used) something is now draining my battery at approximately 5% per hour.

My auto-play when I plug in my headphones is now off.

My "OK Google" function seems to have stopped working.

My screen brightness seems different, like almost less responsive.

The functionality of my camera has been altered.  Now when I take an image, I get asked if I want to post that image to some local (to my location) web page/group or what have you. WTF Google? I don't want to participate in this social game world of yours.

I'm badgered daily by Vudu movie offers in my notification bar now. WTF Google??? WTF?

Now when you hook up the USB cable, instead of just being a charging cable that you can also move data with, you have to choose one of a few options if you want to do more than just charge your phone. WTF?  My initial observations show that these different modes can be a little restrictive. And despite picking an option, the next time you hook up your phone to a USB cable, you have to repeat selecting the mode of which the phone connects.

What a wonderful update Google.

- - -

After the initial observations and a few hard reboots,

"OK Google" works.

I think I killed the daily ad pop ups, and along with it, my 5% an hour battery drain.

My plug and play is working again.

I started killing alert messages from various apps and I have not seen the Vudu bs since then. But I cannot figure out which app it was. I think I killed the Google app system message option.

- - -

All in all, my phone is working fine. I've started manually updating the apps I feel more more important to me, leaving the rest behind. (I have my app updates set to manual. I don't trust unmanned updates!)

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