Google's PICASA Is Going Away

Google's Picasa is going away and maybe you should be aware of that for when the time comes and you are heavily invested in the process from over the years.


Add Picasa to the long list of other Google products that have gone by the wayside at the behest of Google itself.

Back in February Google announced the slice and dice of Picasa.

They reported that in March of 2016 the desktop application will no longer be supported. I'm fine with that, I hated how the app tried to categorize all images on your computer and would not give you the option to turn that off.

But what will be happening is that Picasa will be transitioning to a new platform or name, Google Photos.  Or in other words, it's possible that since no one took to Google Photos, this is how they're forcing for folks into it.

Any how, they're retiring Picasa and consolidating into Google Photos.

They do recognize how many folks have kept up their Picasa albums and said they were taking the time to make this change happen in the best way possible, so there's that.

What they have done is mostly already done.  What was in your Picasa Albums is already over under .

But if you had tags, captions or comments, those didn't go in the transition, at least from what I gather. And that's what Google is working on.

The changes were scheduled to start rolling out on May 1st... so brace yourself.

Though to be honest, since they've transitioned Blogger over to using Picasa images some years ago, I have to wonder how they'll handle those transitions?  We'll see.

Here's the blurb on the transition:

Moving on from picasa

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