Christmas Radio Stations in CALIFORNIA

2017 Christmas Radio Stations in CALIFORNIA

I made a list of California Christmas Music Radio Station options, Terrestrial (KOIT, KJOY, KABX and More), Online and SiriusXM. (Yes, I just did something that isn't a recall or doom and gloom or some kind of consumer warning! This is more of a consumer awareness piece!) I made this list in 2017, and double check it each year. I'll be updating mid to late November of each year!)

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I decided to look up what stations are playing holiday music this year, and found a few options to consider, depending on your preference of sources. I made a list of FM stations, online options and SiriusXM Satellite radion stations you can tune in to.

Satellite Radio Christmas Stations

For me, the SiriusXM stations seem to be pulling on thin strings to pump out anything and everything they can to mix it up and it has not been as satisfying as if could be. So far. But hey, they may crank up the truly popular stuff the closer to 'the day' we get.

Holiday Traditions (Ch. 4)
Holiday Soul (Ch. 49)
Country Christmas (Ch. 58)
Holly (Ch. 70)
Holiday Pops (Ch. 76)
Radio Hanukkah (Ch. 77)
Navidad (Ch. 785)

And of course there will be the New Year's Eve station running just a few days, starting on New Year's Eve, of course.

New Year’s Nation (Ch. 4)

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AM/FM Radio Christmas Stations

Listening to terrestrial radio? Here in California a few have converted into full-blown Christmas radio channels.

I've found that KABX, based out of Merced but can be clearly heard in Los Banos or Gustine has been nailing the classic cheer, from Jimmy Durante's Frosty the Snowman to Bing Crosby's classic renditions. And some Mannheim Steamroller which has the perfect mix of upbeat, powerful, holiday feel. (For me).

In the Bay Area, you have KOIT (96.5 FM), Los Angeles has two stations, and Eureka has two AM stations pumping out the holiday spirits.

See the alphabetical list, sorted by city, below for a radio station near you...

KGFM     101.5 FM     Bakersfield, CA
KSBL     101.7 FM     Carpinteria, CA
KSOF     98.9 FM     Dinuba, CA
KEJY     790 AM     Eureka, CA
KWSW     980 AM     Eureka, CA
KSBL     101.7 FM     Isla Vista, CA
KKFS     103.9 FM     Lincoln, CA
KOST     103.5 FM     Los Angeles, CA
KKGO     105.1 FM     Los Angeles, CA
KMDR     95.1 FM     McKinleyville, CA
KABX     97.5 FM     Merced, CA
KJSN     102.3 FM     Modesto, CA
KWAV     96.9 FM     Monterey, CA
KEZN     103.1 FM     Palm Desert, CA
KSHA     104.3 FM     Redding, CA
KYMX     96.1 FM     Sacramento, CA
KYXY     96.5 FM     San Diego, CA
KOIT     96.5 FM     San Francisco, CA
KGDP     90.5 FM     Santa Maria, CA
KSYV     96.7 FM     Solvang, CA
KJOY     99.3 FM     Stockton, CA

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Streaming Holiday Options

For the online listener, iHeartRadio has a list of stations you can click on {} for holiday cheer.

I've heard Pandora has some holiday options, as they've highlighted in their own blog post:

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Some of this info, I learned vi a great site called the Radio Locator. Pretty handy for specific searches about radio stations. Like looking for Holiday Stations in your state!


Since I mentioned Mannheim Steamroller...

Or better yet, check out this HOUSE I found...

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