FACEBOOK: How To "Fix" Those Video Ads

Of late, I've been encountering ads in the middle of some videos while surfing or scrolling through Facebook. For me they've been supplanted within The Dodo videos. I don't know if Dodo chooses to insert them or if it's just an arbitrary thing that Facebook is doing*, of which, I would not be surprised, but it's happening.  (*I say that because YouTube has some policies where if you post something of someone else's, music, a movie trailer, etc., the owner of said content can insert ads in the video you posted.)

But I have figured out a way to "stop" the ads in your Facebook videos. I'm using the word 'stop' loosely here.

First, you'll see the warning...  which more or less says, hey, we're going to not give a f*k about what you're watching and interrupt your viewing with an ad from our sponsor that most of you will follow up on and help us make our billions.

OK, so I paraphrased a little.

And I wait... and then poof, there it goes, my video fades and the ad, for whatever it is, begins.

So here's MY "FIX" for these things.

First you have to understand that sooner or later while scrolling through your feed, FB will F*k it up and send you back to the top, no matter how long you've been scrolling down. Right? That's happened too many times to me, that's for sure, though usually it's on my mobile feed, while here, I'm explicitly taking about my desktop/laptop feed.

So with that in mind, I figure, what the hell, let's take some control of this bulls*t.

The moment the video ad starts, I just close my tab that has Facebook in it. Boom, done. Then I reopen a new tab and restart Facebook at the top of my feed and go from there.  I really don't need their crap these days.  Besides, if the video seemed interesting enough, I can go off to Google Search or YouTube to see if I can find it there. If not, whatever. Like, Dodo has  YT channel so you can go find your uninterrupted video there.


FB Purity is awesome with facebook

BTW, I use FB Purity a browser add-on for FB. FB for Fluff Busting. It helps you take control of your Facebook feed so like, if you want your feed to be sorted by Most Recent, you can set this app up to sort your feed and boom, no more "Top Story" bulls*t!

The app has a ton of options or features for modifying your Facebook experience and is awesome in my book. I've got it installed on FireFox and Chrome. It does not have a mobile version yet, so you're still mobile-f*d.

Look it up on Facebook.


That is all. Thanks for coming by.