FACEBOOK Is Moving Your Liked Pages Off Your Feed

FACEBOOK Is Moving Your Liked Pages Off Your Feed

FACEBOOK Is Screwing With Your Liked Pages And Your Feed... Again

Well, as if f*ing with our news feed isn't bad enough, (where some of us have figured out how to lock our feed into 'Most Recent,').

Then they f*d with our Notifications, claiming they're helping users see the more important notifications, thus, messing the chronological order of notifications. (Again, some of us have fixed that too.)

NOW, according to "Fluff Busting ( FB ) Purity",

Facebook has just made a change to the Newsfeed, that is gradually spreading throughout the community worldwide. You may now have a "Explore Feed" option at the top of your Newsfeed and it's been tested in a few countries and is rolling out on a  larger scale these days.

Newsfeed will now just feature posts from your Facebook friends and people you have followed, eliminating posts from any Pages you have liked.

If you want to see any Pages you are following, you need to click the link to go to the Explore Feed.


As far as I can tell, I liked Pages to see them in my Feed, but now, it seems I have to go through an extra step or two to check out my pages.

As you may know, FB had already been filtering out Pages you like. Or to be more specific, the way FB works is if one only looks at what is on their Feed and does not interact with Pages (or Friends), they cull that from your feed. Most pages only seem to get traffic or exposure to about 10-20% of their fans.

Unless you pulled up the function in your Left column called 'Pages Feed.' Now it seems they're permanently shoving our liked Pages under that function.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you find it aggravating that they're making you work to see your 'Liked Pages?'

For me, if it's not one thing, it's another. They're making me reevaluate how much more heavily I will be using Twitter and Google Plus. You may want to reevaluate those platforms too, because they don't continually make it hard to use their products.

Something like this can kill the little guy who is trying to propagate their content via a FB page... we all know that web surfers end up seemingly flighty, checking in on a page in the beginning, then getting caught up in all their other pages they've liked or what not.

Which is why I'm looking more closely at Twitter and Google Plus.


OH, by the way, when I mentioned in the first two points how some folks have fixed their issues, we did so using Fluff Busting (FB) Purity. A browser addon that helps users take control of their FB feed to make it their own. The addon has dozens upon dozens of options for what to filter, what to show, and in some cases, what order to show them in.


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