How to "Follow" Posts On Facebook, Without Commenting

How to follow a Facebook post without commenting

Have you ever wanted to follow a Facebook post without having to comment? Or to avoid that stupid f*****g process that alerts your list of friends what you're commenting on?


Recently (like a few years back) Facebook added a feature that would help negate having to type 'following' in posts that you want to, well, follow. That way you'll get the notifications of when folks add comments to a post.

Gift Cards, for when you don't know what to get "them!"

(That is, if Facebook hasn't sorted out the notifications from your listing of notifications like they've started doing late last (2017) year.)

I can't tell you how interesting it is to see where half the comments are folks typing 'following!'


So here's the trick to following a post on Facebook without having to type following:

In the Facebook App:

Once you come across a post you want to follow and get notifications on:

- Tap on the arrow or three dots in the upper right corner of the post.

- Find "Turn on notifications for this post"

  -> If you can't, there might be a "more" option to click on...

- Then tap "Turn on notifications for this post."

- -

On your laptop/desktop/whatever-top:

It's pretty much the same...

- Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the post

- Click on "Turn on notifications for this post."


Now you'll get notifications when folks add comments like those one word comments like 'following!'

The other thing this does is if you can't stand how folks in your FB Friends collective see things you comment on then embarrass you or nose around where you really haven't invited them, clicking on this option without commenting does not seem to show up in your FB "friends" notifications.



Turning Off or Stop Following Facebook Posts:

If you like commenting on some things but HATE the following up commentary, via the exact same process, you can select "Turn off notifications for this post," and you won't see the ensuing commentary. You will see when folks like your comments or reply to your specific comments but you won't see the rest of the noise.

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