Stupid Ass Shipping Story of the Day

(Psst, this is NOT about Fed Ex)

How's this for making no sense?

A friend was pondering if we should take my pick-up truck and go get a package that he needed delivered to his church. It weighed about 100 pounds, so we figured we could heft it into the back of the truck and take it the 20 miles from where he bought this item, to his church.

20 miles. (That's an important point here)

Before we end up heading out to pick it up, he discovered the company he's dealing with has a $7 delivery/shipment option via Fed Ex. He decided he'd rather take them up on the cheap shipping instead of doing all the heavy lifting between us.

He orders the delivery and wallah, done! Right? Wait... there's an interesting catch that MAKES NO SENSE.

The seller, who is 20 miles away, shipped it via Fed Ex. After a while, it never showed up when he expected it to, so he used the tracking number to see what was up, he discovered that the package was already on its way, via South Carolina.


Yes, you read that right. If you're tracking the generic math, that means that this package is going to travel over 5,000 miles to get to its destination that is about 20 miles from where it started.

I seriously hope there is some kind of logic in there that could possibly explain that... but seriously?

That's my gaff for the day. Do you have any stupid shipping stories?

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