Fixing Your CHROMEBOOK's Changing Time Zone

Why Did The Time Zone on my Chromebook Change on me? How to Fix It.

Earlier in the week Google had some issues with some of their platforms that impacted several internet services, like Discord and what not. I didn't think much of it, but later that evening my wife was telling me that her Chromebook's time was off by two hours.

I figured she did something silly and didn't pay much attention to it until I turned on my own Chromebook and MY TIME WAS OFF by two hours. OK, now this just got real! LOL.

Having two of the same computers definitely helps show when 'the system' and not our computers are sick.

How I fixed my Chromebook's Time Zone Issue:

So I did the following...

- I tapped on the time in the lower right corner of my screen,

- Clicked on the date itself,

- In the Settings page, I clicked on Time Zone spot,

- - Deselected 'Automatically', which is supposedly based on my location,

- - Manually chose my own time zone, which in my case, is Pacific Daylight Time (Los Angeles).

- Then closed that settings window.


Funny thing is that as I scoured the internet, I got various hits in different years with people asking the same questions that I was... why did my Chromebook think I was in a different time zone?

I've had both my Chromebooks for quite a few years now and this is the first time we had this issue. What had me curious was that both our computers had the same issue on the same day, and on the same day that Google had their own issues on July 17, 2018, which impacted a lot of users across the web.

I have to wonder if this issue they had, impacted other things, considering how both our laptops came up with the same issue right after that.

Either way, I hope this fixes the issue, setting your time zone on your Google Chromebook to manual.

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