Where Did AGENDA Go In Google Calendar

Where Did AGENDA Go In Google Calendar

With the latest update that Google made to Google Calendar, it took me a bit by surprise when I went to look up the Agenda view mode. It seems that many people are now looking for where Agenda went... but it did not go away. Google just renamed it.

So yes, Google revamped their Calendar and as they put it,

"Google Calendar has a new look, with a number of new event, calendar view, and settings features to help you manage your time more efficiently and get stuff done. Here are some highlights."

You can share your calendar with anyone with an email address. Sync up with your phone's calendar, it links up to your Gmail account, and bunches of other options they've added. I like that I can have it send me reminders to events at multiple times prior to a calendar event.

But back on track... where did Agenda go?

So if you want to find your Agenda, in the upper right corner of Calendar there is the search (magnifying glass looking thing), and next to that is the view. Mine is set to month, but when you click on that menu, you have an option to select "Schedule," because that is the new Agenda, Schedule. I can't help but wonder if that shortcut key, 'A', is a toss back to A for Agenda?

Schedule is the new Agenda in Google Calendar.


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