Fixing What FACEBOOK Filters From Your Feed

Facebook Hides Pages And Some of Your Friends Feeds - How You Can Potentially To Fix That?


So Facebook has recently claimed that they're now focusing on having your friends posts showing up (more than the normal low rate of posts) while they have, for some reason, claimed to start filtering from your feed Pages and such that you bothered liking. This sucks for you and for the writers and owners of the websites that take the time to run their Pages on Facebook.

The other day I THOUGHT I was seeing posts of a page I follow, (Because I would interact with the posts I saw... that's the supposed trick) but when I actually decided to go to the page I was following and 'seeing,' it turned out I was only seeing one in every four of five posts from that page. WTF???

Here are a few ways around Facebook's new filtering processes.

First, if FB is just ticking you off, go set up a Google Plus account and start following your favorite pages of sites there. Never mind! Google is closing down Plus.

But if you want to stay on FB, and I get it, it's convenient and totally ingrained in your life, here's one way to see more of the posts of FBP (Facebook pages) you actually want to follow....

Go to your FB Home Page that is your account. Go to 'More' and click on any category under that, like Books, TV Shows, Movies, or what not.

There used to be a section that showed you what pages you liked, but that seems to have changed. FB seems to have moved or hidden your set of liked pages... for me, I found them under the categories under More...  a few under TV Shows, Networks, etc..

Find one of the pages you really want to start seeing on your feed. Be discretionary just so it doesn't get too crazy on your feed. It would be rather self-defeating if you load up a ton of stuff to pop up on your feed first. I don't know if that would break this 'fix.'

Hover your mouse over "Following" a pop-up will show with some options. (This has since changed, so now you must go to the page you follow to do this.)

Choose "See First."

Once you choose that, the specific page that you've chosen to 'See First' will show up before other stuff in your feed when you open Facebook. At least for me that works most of the time, so now I can see the news pages I follow, instead of seeing distracting posts of nonsense that gets pumped into my feed.


Being More Manual About Seeing Facebook Pages YOU Follow:

On your home page, in the left bar there's an "EXPLORE" option way down there...

For me, I have to click MORE to see anything useful, but then I found a "PAGES FEED" option.  This option claims to show me 'Recent updates from Pages you're connected with.'

But for me, it seems to show that I'm following 400+ plus pages... which is really 400 pages that Facebook is NOT showing me.

Again, maybe go to Twitter and follow them there.

There's an option to see more than the first 12 or so pages, but of course, you have to beg to see more by clicking more a bunch of times to see all the pages. And they're sorted in the order you liked them, not anything sensible like alphabetical...

Regardless, you should go and visit these pages you haven't seen in, how long? Yea... exactly, that's how long FB has been controlling your feed and limiting your exposure to free speech. I found at least a dozen pages that I haven't seen in quite a long time but they have quite busy.

You might also want to go through your friends list and see how busy some of your friends have really been, even if you haven't seen them pop up in your feed. Facebook treats them the same way as Pages.

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So while Big Brother Facebook tells you what they think you should see, if you care, you should take some control back in one way or another.

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