Using The STARBUCKS App To Your Advantage

Using the Starbucks app to your advantage!

I've had an off-again, on-again kind of relationship with my Starbucks app. About a year ago I got tired of them pushing me to the point of having to visit to retain a certain level of user in the app, so I bowed out of using it. But since then, they've added a few features that just the other day, I took total advantage of.

Regardless of all the little, 'buy this now' perks that give you extra points, there's at least the part where they take care of you on your birthday. And there's the part about using the app to buy your order through!

Other perks from the app is it's pretty intuitive, as in , easy to use.
The rewards program, though not as robust as it used to be (it rewards less than it used to), is nice.
You get

  • -Birthday rewards,
  • -The ability to pay by phone (via the app) [more on that in a bit]
  • -You can order ahead (or from within the store) [more on that...]
  • -Free, in-store refills.
  • -Store locator


Using the App (Safely)

Consumer safety first!  I always use cash in he store to reload my phone app (which acts like the old Starbucks cards of old.) I don't care how much we feel like we can trust an organization, sometimes they just don't have the best online server security or the hackers are just that persistent or skilled.  We've seen time and time again where various organizations we should have been able to trust have lost user personal data via breaches, like Target, Mariott, Equifax (OF ALL PLACES!), JP Morgan Chase, Yahoo, Adobe, Sony Playstation and many many more.

At first I didn't give it much credence that you can pay ahead of time. Sure, you can order and pay via the app, but I'm pretty old-school. I walk in, pay, sit down, do my thing and what not.

The other day I walked into one of the Starbucks along the San Francisco Wharf and the line was huge, but I needed a table to sit and work at. The line looked to be around 20 minutes worth of waiting.

Then I had this idea that really helped my situation.

I sat down, pulled up my Starbucks app, it already knew which store I was at, I ordered from the featured menu my food and drink items, paid for it with the the cash I had on hand in my app account. I thought that was pretty neat!  But what was neater was that before the line moved much or that I got too settled in at my table of choice, THEY CALLED MY NAME!!!

I went up to the counter tentatively, checked the items with my name on it and either someone with my name ordered the exact same thing, or my order was ready! And fast.

I'm not going to abuse the process too much, but at that time, I had been on foot, walking for about two hours and I NEEDED to sit, and it worked wonderfully.

Another great feature (among all of them) is that app is pretty useful for easily locating a store near you. It's easier than trying to bring up a web browser or Maps and searching for it.

Boom! Eazy, peezy!



You can always go into a Starbucks, grab that favorite chair/table and order from your chair using the Starbucks app. It's faster when there are long lines in the store and allows you to get right to work on whatever you need to do at your table.


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