CALTRAIN Proposed Changes For Morgan Hill, San Martin and Gilroy

Caltrain Writes Off The Late Train To Morgan Hill, San Martin and Gilroy, Adds A New Earlier Middle Train For Some.

Caltrain is making a schedule change that involves eliminating the last train to the Morgan Hill/San Martin/Gilroy destinations and replacing it with an earlier train due to what they have seen in survey results.

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In the beginning of 2019 Caltrain asked their South Bay commuters to take a survey. Commuters had ony seven days to take the survey, from April 23 to May 1st.

After that, a report was released on May 31, 2019, titled 'Caltrain South Santa Clara County Service Update.' In it they indicated they received 771 responses to their survey.

Some ridership numbers:

In the finished report, it suggests that (252+87+237) 576 passengers get on the trains in the morning, and that (234+71+212) 517 get off the trains in the evening. (Those train stations being Gilroy+San Martin+Morgan Hill).

I can't help but notice that fewer people come home than go to work, but that's for another day!

Their report indicated that only 10 people get off at Gilroy from the SB 274. Having taken that train for nearly three years, I can tell you that number is wrong. But then again, fewer people come home than go to work! So I can only assume all exit numbers are wrong because possibly their volunteer head counters weren't so on-top-of-it in the afternoons.

One night on the train, a person pointed out a person to me that they said put the report together. SO I wanted to let that person know the numbers could be wrong. He didn't seem to give a s**t. And in all honesty, it seemed that decisions are already being made, regardless, so I guess my observation was moot. It was like saying, "Hey, the sky is blue." And he would reply how the garden is looking good, completely dodging the sky issue.


At the moment there are the SB 156, 268 and 274 lines servicing Morgan Hill, San Martin and Gilroy. The changes they propose will take effect October 7th, 2019, and would have the SB 156, 262 and 268 serve these destinations instead, adding the 262 and eliminating the later 274 train, leaving out a contingent of folks who take the SB 274.  The change will have the SB 274 stopping its run at Tamien.

The biggest noted benefit in the report from this change is that ALL THREE SB trains will now stop at Palo Alto. (but Menlo Park riders lose out because the 262 will skip that station, leaving MP riders only two options for heading that far south at night.)

Present Caltrain Schedule

Proposed Caltrain Schedule


Other stops that are impacted by the proposed change of removing the 274, where trains headed south towards Morgan Hill/Gilroy are eliminated or modified include:

22nd Street, (now only has ONE train to Morgan Hill/San Martin/Gilroy [1t]);
Bayshore (1t);
So San Francisco (2t) ;
Hayward Park (1t);
Belmont (1t);
Redwood City (2t);
Menlo Park (2t);
College Park (1t);

Here is the proposed schedule, and how the latest train headed to Morgan Hill and other southerly towns has changed!

STOP          LAST TRAIN to MH/SM/Gil vs what was

22nd st     - 3:04pm vs 5:36, Big loser: ~2.5 hours earlier.
Bayshore     - 3:09 vs 5:42; Big Loser
So SF         - 5:11 vs 5:51;
San Bruno    - 4:38 vs 5:55;
Millbrae    - 5:17 vs 6:00;
Burlingame    - 4:44 vs 6:05;
San Mateo    - 4:48 vs 6:09;
Hayward Park    - 3:39 vs 6:12; Big Loser
Hillsdale    - 5:25 vs 6:15;
Belmont        - 3:46 vs 6:19; Big Loser
San Carlos    - 4:58 vs 6:22;
Redwood City    - 5:35 vs 6:28;
Menlo Park    - 5:41 vs 6:34;
Palo Alto    - 5:45 (did not have 274 service);
California    - 5:48 (did not have 274 service);
San Antonio    - 5:52 (did not have 274 service);
Mountain View    - 5:57 vs 6:42;
Sunnyvale    - 6:02 vs 6:47;
Lawrence    - 6:08 vs 6:51;
Santa Clara    - 6:15 vs 6:57;
College Park    - 4:35 (no change)
San Jose    - 6:26 vs 7:06;
Tamien        - 6:31 vs 7:11;

Obviously all the riders lose out that took the 274. I lose out because now I only have two options to head towards Morgan Hill versus three presently. But I can't help but wonder who was just putting in an 8-hour day at work with taking the 274 and what they'll need to do now? I know enough people that commute to SF from these southerly cities.

Obviously, Caltrain wants to buffer their budget, so I get the changes will help them, and with any change, there will be a contingent that gets dissed.

So just in case you had not heard, I thought I'd toss this out there for the few of us that will be impacted by these proposed changes.

Here's the report:

Caltrain South County Survey Report

What's live and online at Caltrain's website: Santa Clara County Service


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