FACEBOOK Post Scheduling, Where Did It Go in 2019?

FACEBOOK Post Scheduling in 2019/2020

So Where Did My Facebook Post Scheduling Go To? FACEBOOK Moved the Post Scheduling To A Secluded Location that may or may not be easy to find!

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Facebook is taking a page from the 'Book of Microsoft and change everything around on users,' and has ended up moving a very useful feature off to some unknown part of the galaxy to make things harder for the standard user or FB Page Admin. And if you're a personal user, it seems that Facebook has removed the scheduling option altogether for anyone who liked posting timed posts to their personal feed.


Before this week, I use to be able to schedule posts out quite easily, then go back to sleep afterwards. For me, if I find a ton of posts I could EASILY schedule them out to publish on my Facebook Page so that users don't get inundated with a slew of posts all at once. I don't know about you but when one page or account manipulates my entire feed, I end up hating them. I'm loathe to pound my five followers with twenty quick posts in five minutes. That's crap. Scheduling also kept the page active in times when I'm too busy to do otherwise.

(Dear FB, please look up easy and intuitive!)

But earlier the other week I noticed that while I was looking to make a timed post on one of my pages, a notice that popped up that said "Post scheduling and additional options are available in 'Publishing Tools' and 'Business Manager.'"  Wait... where?

*** New Footnote: They've pulled the 'Business Manager' option from their message!!!

How to find FACEBOOK Post Scheduling in 2019 and beyond

Which means the ease of scheduling posts just went out the window. And on that day, it made my entire day moot so I dropped the other links I was going to post and walked away (from Starbucks. Which was probably a good thing, I was starting to get caffeine shakes.). I made my one post and dropped the other links that I was going to spread out over the next few hours and buzzed out the door.

So taking up the mantle FOR YOU, of figuring this new option out.

How to Schedule Facebook Page Posts in 2020:


I went to the 'Publishing Tools' page link, but here it shows all your published posts, how they're doing and what not.  Near the upper right corner of the page, next to "Published Posts," there's a "CREATE" button. It's here that you can now start to post something, and have the option to schedule your posts.

They sure to make you work for it this way...

The convoluted link:  https://www.facebook.com//publishing_tools/

But wait... there's more...



If you follow the "Business Manager" link, it takes to you to what looks like your FB page but with a grey banner. (Read the following line with an all-assuming, bellowing, echoing voice of Facebook: This is where your new business page on Facebook lives!)

This Business Manager page looks the closest to what most users have become comfortable with over the years (of this free, and abusive platform) and the option is, where it would appear, it's always been.

This easier link/location is at https://business.facebook.com/
I would suggest just bookmarking it, unless, unlike myself, you have a phenomenal memory for links.

In quickie recap:

So instead of { https://www.facebook.com/page/ }, we now have { https://business.facebook.com/page/ } to schedule posts.

OH, don't forget, we can still go to our usual spot for posting to our Facebook (Business) Pages, but if you're a scheduler kind of poster, there you go.


Oh, and it seems that Facebook has completely removed post scheduling from our personal feeds.


There are other options for going outside of Facebook for setting timed posts.

You can use your blog or website scheduling option or you can use third party posting tools that allow you to schedule posts, easily. I use both Hootsuite and IFTTT. Hootsuite makes it pretty easy to schedule things.  IFTTT is more about connecting your blog to other services and I'm not sure about scheduling but I'd be surprised if they don't have something. IFTTT (IF This Then That) seems daunting but if you spend just a little bit of time looking it over and check out or use the examples, it can get pretty easy to set and forget. Almost too easy.

This new change from FB feels pretty stupid, but there it is.  Actually, it feels on par with that pop up that asks you to invite someone who commented on your FB page, to like your page. Even though they already like your page. For a place that makes billions, you would think they'd cover silly lapses like that, but then again, here we are with one less function on our personal Facebook Feed and a relocated function for our pages.

So heads up FB Page users... remember, life is change and nothing but. Sometimes it's useful change, and at other times, well, I'm still scratching my head about things like this and how places like Microsoft have totally rearranged their menu structures in their office products. I don't know why, but there you have it.

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