Fixing SAMSUNG Image Clumping (2020) Clean View

Recently my Samsung phone updated itself and along with the update, my spell check and word suggestions seem to regress, but along with those and a few other options I didn't want, my image gallery started clumping images together as if I took a burst shot, BUT I DID NOT.

I don't appreciate the settings being changed between updates but this image clumping was real annoying.

Samsung calls it...   "Clean View.

According to Samsung, 

"Having similar images in your gallery can make everything seem cluttered and make it difficult to find the picture you are after. With Clean View, you can save time and effort by grouping together similar images to provide a cleaner and easier viewing experience."

It's annoying but real easy to fix once you know how!!!

-Open your image gallery,

-Located at the upper-middle section of your screen are 4 icons. Tap the Small square box icon group images icon on the left.  (See the article image.)

There are two settings, and when you cycle through the settings, you'll see the images go back to normal.


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