Bruce's June 2007 Newsletter

Consumer Info:
Do Not Call Registry
Credit Card Programs
Recall - General Electric
Important May 2007 Product Recalls
Bruce's Thought for Car Keys
Cost of Living Mini-Study
Car Thefts in the US
Global Warming & Al Gore's Message

Computer Info
MS Word Tips
MySpace agrees to expose sex offenders (Links to other very informational sites)
Spammers Are Using New Techniques
Governments and Internet Censorship
Microsoft and Apple Computer Critical Fixes
The Costs of a Vista Upgrade
60 PPM Inkjet???

Real Estate Info
Congress eyes Wall Street's role in subprime lendi...
Where Real Estate is Still Hot
Lender Fees
Interesting Stat on the Real Estate Bus..
Home Sales Fall Again

Entertainment type Things
Spider Man 3 Breaks Records
Stuff for Thursday, May 31 07
Lindsay Lohan DUI

NASCAR things
Earnhardt Jr.'s Developing Scenario
DEI Looking for a Driver
No Hendrick for Jr's Future
A note About NASCAR fans
My Interview with David Poole
Dale Earnhardt Jr. will Leave DEI