May 2007

Real Estate Tidbits
Builders Can't Force You to Use Their Lender
Home Inspections

Consumer Notes:
Lenders act to limit US foreclosures
Safeguard Your House Keys at Repair Shops
Get Human . com
Verizon Woes
Are Used Cell Phones for YOU?
Vonage Woes
Do Not Call List Grows
Cornea Clouding after Lasik
Surprising IRS News
More Vonage Woes
Thumb's Down to AOL
NEW FCC Phone Policy coming down the pipe!

My computer Newsletter:
My AOL Experience, Cont'd
Watch out for Online Fraud
Home for Sale in Boise, Idaho
CD's into MP3
Are We Upgrading to Vista Yet?
Excel 2003 Data Label Issues
Satellite Radio Frequencies

On my NASCAR site:
Trash Tossin' Fans
News from around NASCAR - April 28 2007
Tony Stewart Corrects His Perspective
Tony Stewart on Leaving Without Comment
Dale Jr & DEI contract Negotiations
Kentucky No Longer Wants NASCAR????
So Why Did Tony Leave the Track?
Jr. Went Back In The Day
Aikman is Confused
Montoya Has Everyone's Attention
Jr's Contract not a Shoe In
Dale Jr to sign McGrath
DOVER's costs to have a race!
Richard Petty Quote
Dale Jarrett, the Announcer
Darlington Makeover
Want to get Riled Up?
IRL OWNER suggests Cross over Events
TV Ratings Concerns
Developers & Washington State
Red Bull Team Tragedy

Over on my entertainment blog, (Watch out for spoilers):
Finale Previews May 21 to 29
Finale Previews, May 14 to 20
Finale Previews May 3 to 6
Arrest warrant for Richard Gere!?
Speed Racer, the Movie
A New Hulk Movie!
If you don't like spoilers, watch the titles carefully... (You've been warned)