Police bust down on Cuddling ??

What? After seeing a title like that, I had to go check it out...

It seems that over in India, teenagers are canoodling in parks, restaurants and at Internet cafes and this crackdown on these "immoral activities," sparked raids that netted at least 10 couples being detained over the last three days. (I would think drug house raids, software piracy and their own religious issues would have more of a focus, but that's just me!)

Thank goodness for the police, becuase "Many boys and girls were seen in objectionable postures".

Just a side note, in as much as it is a very different culture, and I do not comprehend the mentality, but understand we all must do what we know, to do what's right. ON the other hand, my little humor gnome in my head couldn't resist!

If you want to read the rest of the article, it's at reuters.com