Bruce's July 2007 Newsletter

Consumer Info:
Confessions of a Car Salesman
iPhone Woes Already
US Department of State
Company Beginnings
Recall of Children's Jacket
Wheeled Sneaker Warning
The U S Opposes Fixing GreenHouse Gases

Computer Info:
An Interesting ISP Survey
InkJet Cartridge Mysteries
Accelerate with Virtual Memory
Spoofed Website
Home Networks, an Insight
Zone Alarm for Vista
Lavasoft Ad-Aware, A New Version
Computer Resources: A Readers Question
SpyWare Detectors: A Readers Question
MS Excel - Producitivity Insight

Real Estate Notes:
Hybrid Loan Concerns
Federal Reserve Looking at Bad Loans
Median Home Prices Drop Again
Issues with Refinancing
Unfair Farm Subsidies??
Buying Real Estate
Cutting Out The Middle Man??
Real Estate Web Sites
Highest Real Estate Taxes
Contract Awareness

Entertainment Noise (If you're interested)
Captain America's Funeral
Lindsay to Play Paris??
DATELine NBC Shakes up Texas Town
Battlestar Galactica Tidbits
Matt Hoover and Suzy Preston BABY
American Idol Audition Cities
Planet Earth DVD
Star Bucks (Not Coffee)
U2 New Album!
Jericho IS coming back
CBS Jericho News
Warner Bros has a Scare from the Sky
Speed Racer Movie, Car Pics
Deal or No Deal Lawsuit???

NASCAR Tidbits
Tony Eury Sr Leaves DEI
Montoya Winning at Sonoma, an Article by Bruce
Gordon and Johnson Banned from Practice at Infineo...
Junior will host a night of Elvis movies
Dale Earnhardt Jr and Sony
Congartulations to Mr & Mrs Jeff Gordon
An Ode to a Displaced Father & Son