Cool Things in Google Earth - 7-11

I've been exploring Google Earth and if you've got it installed (It's free) and fun at times, I've been coming along things to look at that other people have discovered or found on the software.

So, I've got a list, but I'll start small and add more in future posts!!

Hey, ever see Area 51?? It's super secret.. no one knows anything about it.. shhh.
Actually, according the legend, they moved their operation to a secret place in Utah.
Put these coordinates in your search window near the upper left corner:

37°14'28.53"N 115°48'51.97"W

25k feet eye altitude is a good start.


In the realm of secret or .. weird, check this out:

37°24'04.91"N 116°52'03.86"W

Pan out and check out the other 'stuff', like to the east - looks like craters. Eh?
Go North and you'll see other stuff....


37°06'53.00"N 116°02'56.72"W - craters from Atomic tests, according to other sites.

There's more coming down the pipe.


  1. another cool thing to check out is brazilia in brazil,south africa its shaped like an airplane! when the city was built they built it around the fact that airplanes were the next best thing, average people started using airplanes for the first time!
    when you look at it from google earth it shows it with the front of the plane pointing east, the wings pointing north and south, and the tail pointing west.

  2. to the dude who said Brazil stays on South Africa: GO GET SOME GEOGRAPHY CLASSES YOU TURD! BRAZIL IS LOCATED ON SOUTH AMERICA.


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