Bowling on "Tape"

So the other day, I was thinking to myself that I'd like to see some bowling on TV.

Then I thought I'd check out YouTube and see what's out there and I was quite surprised. Then, after looking at some video's, I was reading my US Bowler magazine (They send it to me, I didn't order it.) and on the last page is an article about you tube having bowling on it.

There's a lot of the stuff out there. I searched YouTube for 'PBA Bowling'.
I got back quite a few espn telecasts like:
The 2005-10-30 PBA Bowling Tulsa Championship in a stadium. HERE
Wes Malott vs Chris Barnes...2006-11-26 PBA bowling Discover Card Windy City Classic

Then the magazine article by Tom Clark, pointed out Roth's 7-10 split pick up.
Earl Anthony vs Dick Weber in 1976.

It's just nuts what is out there, depending on how you form your search.

Have fun, there's lots o' video out there!!!