SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

September 11, 2001

A man who was running below the mainstream media’s radar made himself known on this day, September 11, 2001. Who now, because of a well structured intelligence system, can seem to avoid capture time and time again. That alone should worry us, as he stays one step ahead, but I also know he will never be able to rest again until he is caught.. in one fashion or another.

What do I remember of this day?

I remember packing for a trip with my soon to be wife at the time. Of turning on the television and seeing a “fire” in one of the towers. My first thought was, why am I seeing a building fire in one of the trade towers? I remember, of seeing on tv, the airplane hit, and being confused that this is wrong, something is wrong. It made no sense to me. Of staring open mouthed as the towers came down. I could not move from my seat on the end of the bed, for the moment, packing for our trip forgotten.

I remember that Saturday following the attacks, air travel commenced again, and taking that trip from CA to New England. The airlines had opened, and we went. I remember the empty air terminals, the newspaper machines with Sept 10th headlined newspapers still in them, all old, irrelevant news by this time.

I remember my connector flight taking off, and the few people that were on the airplane all getting up and looking out the left side windows as we flew above the smoking carnage, black billowing tendrils of smoke, of memories, of the soon to be felt pain.

I remember driving all over New England, and seeing a solidarity like I have never seen before that spanned several states. Flags, well wishes, prayers, and anger. For once, America had a single focus as we forgot our day to day troubles. We forgot ourselves and focused on something that needed all of our attentions.

I remember speaking with people on our trip who knew someone on the airplanes. A teacher, a librarian, a man that hurried to drop his co-worker off to catch his plane, an associate of mine who ended up being late and not taking the flight he should have been on. It turned out, I had friends on the planes too. I remember being shocked, the incomprehensible gap of knowing they will never fill those spots in my life again.

I remember, because I vowed to never forget. Never forget the firemen who perished, the innocent victims, the families torn apart.

I will never forget.