Steve Fossett still Missing

Steve Fossett has been missing for a week. He's been rumored to have one bottle of water and the public and friends are concerned.

He took off to search for a region to attempt a land speed record, yet another to be accomplishments of his many that he has done for himself and mankind.

The search includes 45 aircraft, now covering 17,000 sq miles, 6 previously undiscovered plane wrecks have been found.

Though Fossett is known as a survivalist, friends are concerned. We can only hope and pray for the best outcome, but.. well, I dare not write the words.

Google set a precedence by searching for the missing ex-microsoft scientist some months back, and the following has been posted over on, they note the following:

New satellite images are also enabling internet-based anaysis by individuals hoping to help. The project is an 'Amazon Mechanical Turk' based effort with recent images from GeoEye, supplier of many images to Google Earth. Please see: details how individuals can help review specific search areas.

Please, everyone, anyone - pass this information on, let's get as many people involved and help resolve this situation.

Bruce Simmons