Bruce's November 2008 Newsletter

Hey all, here's my monthly grouping of interesting links for your edification:

Yes - I did print/put 2008 in my title / link.. Life is so good, I want it to be 2008 already!!
Sheesh.. I need an editor!!!

Bruce's Place (This blog)
Daylight Saving Time
Today's Quote 102507
Southern California Fires
Our Environment - A Thought
Nobel Peace Prize to Al Gore
Coke versus Pepsi - Who wins out?
Saving a Dog - Check it out
Skin Cancer Awareness
So How Big is NASCAR?
A Thing About a Pumpkin or Two

Consumer Letter
Toy Sword Recall
Drugmakers Recall Infant Cough / Cold Medicine
E300 Electric Scooters Being Recalled
Recall: Mini Zooper Doll Strollers
Infant Play Yard Recall
Fuel Economy and Hyper Mileage

An Interesting Tidbit on a Track in the Northwest
In Cup, We Really Have 3 Races to Watch
Meet Number 9 dot Com
The Race after the Race
Reed Sorenson to Raise Awareness for Breast Cancer...

This one raised some ire in the fanbase:
House Homeland Security Committee looks at NASCAR
Nationwide Confirmed as Series Sponsor

Windows System Key Combo Short-Cuts
More Observations on my AOL experience - The Web I...
Consumers say no to Vista and Yes to XP
Help - My Email Address is Being Spoofed
Older Versions for Your Software
Stealth Updates from Microsoft
Phishing Emails - Wal Mart Abuse Hot Line

Jules Verne Festival in December
Damages on FX with Glenn Close
Stargate Atlantis Gets a Fifth Season
Nicole Kidman's Demise
The Biggest Loser takes an Ugly Turn
CA Fires Interrupt Filming

This sucks for the owner:
Malibu Castle was in Escrow

Friday the 13th franchise character visits a tv series:
Supernatural Fans Lookout for Jason!
For the Stanley Kubrick Fan
Sci Fi Fans Get Shorted on Dr Who
Criminal Minds without Gideon