Bruce's October 2007 Newsletter

Phishing Emails - Wal Mart Abuse Hot Line
Fun with Excel - Make Your Own Lottery Number Gene...
Word Tip-Tricks 092507
Word Trick-Tips 070923
Fun with Perl - Default Answers
Fun with Perl - Auto Increment
Phishing is Ramping Up
The Lamest Phishing Attempt I've Ever Seen
SpyWare Fighters Rated
AOL Email Spacing

Fuel Economy and Hyper Mileage
Home Prices hit 5 Year Low
Home Builders Using Ebay - An Update
Chip Implants Associated to Animal Tumors
Simplicity Crib Recall Due to Infant Deaths
ABC's Exteme Home Makeover and Taxes
When a Car Experiences a Flood
How I Save Money When I Buy a New Car
Mortgage Loans - Do You Know What You are Signing
Global Warming - So Who Kept Saying it Was Rumors
Calorie Mindful Website
Toy Recalls - Lead Paint - 9/5
Crib Recall
Lowest Gas Prices in Town

Bruce's Place Entries (Links to Items on this very blog)
America's Biggest Mystery - The Lost Colony
Global Warming - Rising Sea Levels
Have You Ever Wanted to Author Your Own Book?
SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 (This was a reflection of a memory on this day!)
Politics to shut down Science?
Steve Fossett still Missing
Steve Irwin - 1 Year Missed

NASCAR: (Some of this news is just more sports worthy than NASCAR worthy)
NASCAR Ratings - Sept 22-23 (TV Ratings and where NASCAR stood this weekend)
Coors Light - The Official Beer of NASCAR
A John Force Update
Dale Jr's New Sponsor - AMP Energy by Mountain Dew...
John Force - Alert and Conscious
Dale Earnhardt Jr - The 88 Car and His Sponsors
Jeff Gordon, Dupont and you, the Fans
(An interesting jump to an article on the business of Jeff Gordon's sponsors and the fan base)
Budweiser to Kasey Kahne

Earnhardt Jr's related news had some of the biggest business impacts this sport has seen in years. Pepsi-co, it was rumored, pulled their major series funding of NASCAR to support their new driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr and when Earnhardt Jr could not bring Budweiser with him to his new team next year, (He left the team that his father started) that move also, was a big change for a favored product /sponsor of the sport.

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  1. I have a blog containing good information on global warming. Ozone has doubled since the mid-19th century due to chemical emissions from vehicles, industrial processes and the burning of forests, the British climate researchers wrote. Carbon dioxide has also risen over that period. History of global warming is very deep since 1850.

  2. Thanks for the info and the link Ronny.. This is a great environmental blog Ronny has going. Check it out.


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