The Giant Plastic Trash Pile in the Ocean

If you're wondering about what this giant plastic trash pile is in the ocean I refer to, it's also referred to as the trash vortex.  It's all of our plastic trash that's ended up out in the ocean and via the many ocean currents out there, this mound of trash has accumulated in the Northern Pacific Ocean.

Nice going team!

This patch of floating debris is estimated to be about twice the size of the great island state of Hawaii.  But it's not a mound of floating pie of trash.  It's more as if you threw a thousand plastic pellets into your pool, and then they ended up being manipulated by currents in your pool (if they existed) into a collected section of the body of water.  Hence, though it's referred to often (as I did here) as a pile, it's really a field of tiny plastic debris floating about the ocean.

And it's hard to see because much of it exists below the surface of the ocean.

And this isn't the only ocean gyre current collecting trash.  There are others.  But as is the case with many folk, if ya don't see it, it ain't an issue.  But to be honest, you can't see cancer, but it can be a big issue.  And this trash that humanity has managed to dispatch, one piece at a time, is collecting, and IS a cancer to the wildlife in the oceans.

But that's another piece altogether!