Southern California Fires

by Bruce Simmons

My heart, prayers and thoughts go out to the folk enduring through this terrible record setting event of fires in Southern California.

Back in 2003, I had flames no more than 1000 feet from my front door in Stevenson Ranch so I understand some of their plights.  I also developed an immense amount of respect for the fire fighting pilots skills and risks they take as their aircraft passed no more than 50 feet over my roof as I watched their dance with the flames as they dropped fire fighting chems on spots I did not think a helicopter or fixed wing craft could ever get to.  In regards to Stevenson Ranch, "fire experts ranked Stevenson Ranch favorably among 11 communities in the state that face persistent fire dangers, and called it a model development for its building standards."  See the article over at The Free Library.

For updates on the So Cal fire situation, this LINK is a Google search link for "southern california fires".