A Cool Adjustable Mini Tri-Pod

How synced can a couple be?

A few months back I saw somewhere an advertisement for what is called a Gorillapod.

I never said a word to my wife, but thought to myself that this would be a very cool toy to have since I take a ton of photos and we drive and hike a lot.

Talk about one minded. My wife bought me a Gorillapod for the holidays. Good thing I fought my usual impulse and by myself something for Christmas... well, I did get a battery for my cell phone..... OK, there was a new phone attached to it, but that's another post.

This thing is pretty cool. It's got flexible legs that can be set up on uneven ground or they can be wrapped around posts and poles (I tested it) also. Their rubber based leg joints help this thing stay put... just don't too greedy in the size of the post you tackle, and use a safety line of some sort to anchor the camera in case the pod lets loose.

You can check out the pod at joby
or if you're interested in looking into buying one, you can check it out at Amazon: