FOOD Warnings for Your Dog

The other day I mentioned to my Vet Tech that my dog loves grapes.  You should try that statement sometime at the front desk of your vet's office.  Watch everyone freeze up on you, or pick out the new people, because the seasoned staff are used to arcanely stupid statements.

My vet tech calmly said not to feed my dog grapes because on occasion, they can be hazardous to the dog, such as chocolate can be.  Apparently she's had the occasion to watch a dog die from eating grapes, so I thought, whoa!!  Not good.  My dog also likes green beans like they're the last food on earth...  that one I don't get.  She's a freak.

Anyhow's. check out this site I came across about bad food for dogs.  It included grapes, so it passed my impromptu, albeit limited quality check:  HUMAN FOODS THAT POISON DOGS.