Here we go with the How Fast Is Santa Thing

First off, Santa is magical, or an alien teleporting being or something like that..  simple as that.  With that being said:

In a nutshell, Santa's route will include 2.5 billion homes, where he spends 34 microseconds at each home.
He must then travel at 3,604 miles (5,800 kilometers) per second to get to each household, which on average, is only 66 feet apart.
BUT, since he's traveling so fast with such a bulky load that the air resistance would cause the entire contraption to burst into flames and be vaporised within 4.26 thousandths of a second into his trip.

Hence, it's all on the parents now, but then, we knew that.  Right?  In the meantime, Santa regenerates until next year when he will vaporize again... so basically, all the elves work goes up in smoke?  Wow, that's frustrating!

Source for my inspiration:  News.Yahoo