Wanna Be a Ghost Hunter?

Ever wanted to be a Ghost Hunter, but wasn't sure where to start?

Well, I supposed you could watch Sci-Fi Channels Ghosthunters and see what stuff and gadgets they tend to use.. or, you can go over the required or suggested list of equipment over at dvice.

Personally, steely nerves and a good dog are your basic tools as far as I'm concerned. My grandparents lived in this very old house that had a history to it.. like what old house doesn't, right?

I'd visit every summer and on one or two of those visits, the dog had some interesting issues with a particular corner of the living room.. basically, he's stop cold in his tracks and Kimo would bark and snarl at the corner. Lore has it if you look over and between a dog's ears, you can see the ghost they are barking at.

Did I? Hell no! I did not want to see anything. As it was, I "took the dog for walk" at 9pm, in the middle of Maine.. no lights but starlight. I'll take my chances with the grizzlies we had for neighbors but no ghosts, no way, uh uh.

So you can either check out the link, or watch a DVD episode of Ghosthunters