Observations: Publishers Clearing House and Their Emails

I've previously written about Publishers Clearing House and the Used Car Salesman pitches one receives in their contest emails. I'd like to point out another marketing trick, emotion grabbing process they run by you when they send you the emails.

Don't get me wrong, of nearly 50% of their company profits benefit charitable causes. That's actually the good, confusing part... but can't you find better ways to wrangle that change PCH? (Per Wikipedia)

When you click on a link in their contest emails, it takes you to a processing page that ticks down while it "processes" your information:

Don't get too carried away by this simple 3 second dramatic pause trick. The moment you hit a webpage, your info is already there. When you come across cool slider status bars and blinking processing lights, it's just a hoax to build your apprehension and excitement. And for what? To click on more things?

They want your emotion ramped up so when you get to sites like this, .. Well helloooo!! Oh, sorry... it almost got me! Back on track:

When you hit sites like this, you'll be more prone to check into it. It's when you are emotionally charged that people make more purchases. That's why advertising and all the psychology behind advertising works. Emotional associations.

So be smart and detach yourself from the blinkies. You'll spend less money in the long run.