Sniff, Sniff - it smells like Roswell All Over Again

Do ya smell that? The Texas UFO flap has taken on a Roswell-ish atmosphere.

After the giant, silent lights skimmed the sky some weeks back, (My original Post), Air Force Reserve officials in Fort Worth initially said they had no planes in the area Jan. 8.  Now the tale of our government officials say that that they were mistaken and wanted to set the record straight "in the interest of public awareness." the military said 10 F-16 fighter jets were training in the Stephenville area the night dozens of residents reported seeing a UFO.

Here we go again!

My first take is that F-16's are pretty loud when this UFO was silent, but that's just my take.  I could be off the mark there!

Check out the article over at the AP site or this AOL news report if that link is gone.