Wacky News: Wheeling A Corpse Around

That's not a typo in my title!

This comes from straight out of a movie, but it's not. It's real and it ranks right up there with the stupidest of the stupid.. not to mention stinky.

Witnesses watched two men pushing a chair down a street with a body in it, as it flopped from side to side. The two individuals were witnessed them trying to prop him up to keep him from flopping from side to side.

They wheeled him to a check cashing store, where they then tried to cash the dead man's Social Security check.

A cop across the street having lunch noticed a crowed forming around Virgilio Cintron's body and it was immediately apparent to the detective's highly tuned senses that the man was dead.

though the two "venture capitalists" were charged with check fraud, the charges are being dropped because it can't be proven when Cintron died as the two corpse chasers insisted that he was alive when they left the apartment.

Oh my.. this is a new one!

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