Escaping the Heat in Menlo Park

Yesterday we made a break for it. 

The majority of homes on the peninsula in the Bay Area don't have air conditioning and we decided since it's been spiking up over 100 degrees, to head to 'The City', San Francisco.

We raided a Coffee Bean on Market Street (The Black Forest cold drink is the best) and Twin Peaks where the wind was hitting around 20 to 40 mph and we stoicly froze to death, but that was much better than sweating to death.

I'm so naive:  I took about $8 in quarters, hoping to park somewhere for a period of time, but SF has different ideas.  Each quarter would have been good for FIVE minutes at one parking meter we were going to park at.  So I did a drive by of Coffee Bean (CB) and dropped off my wife to hit the counter while I circled the block.

We then headed for the Presidio.  Nice little area.  You have access to coast off of the Presidio and we watched a few tankers make their way under the bridge.  (Golden Gate).  It was a fun day.

We made it home by 7 where we missed the worse of it.  Sunday is supposed to be better, but the place smells of smoke from all the fires around the region, but that's for another day.  I basically just wanted to say something about the meter costs in SF with this post.