I'm Glad China Can Stop Rain

In the beginning of the Olympics, China made some sort of claim they could stop rain so the games could go on.

They never said anything about the horrid smog that encases the city.

I'm thinking, (sarc), if they can defend from rain, thank god. Because I have to wonder how much harder the rain would have fallen Wednesday if they didn't have this magical ability!!!

They can probably put their rain stopping gear in the same sequestered zone as their overweight cab drivers and little child singers with imperfect teeth.

You know they filter the internet content over there too? Eh, no shock.

UPDATE 8/23/08: Came across an article backing my belief in China's internet censoring.

As they state on SEO Blackhat:

Big Brother IS watching.

I can’t get to around 20% of the sites I want to visit. Other sites take 2-3 mins to load, presumably while someone checks the content? I don’t know.