Google Maps Is Screwing Up Big (Oct 2020)

Google Maps Is Screwing Up Big (Oct 2020)

I have come to find that I cannot depend on Google Maps right now, and I don't know why. At this point, I thought I should put this out there just in case you're thinking it's you.

-A few weeks ago, coming home, Google Maps directed me to a road that's been closed for a few months due to construction. I thought, yay, it's open now. NOPE... Maps sent me to a point where I had to make a U-turn and find another way home.

-My wife was directed to a road to go home on, even though it's been closed for a few weeks due to the Bobcat fire.

-Recently, my neighborhood streets were locked down due to the Bobcat wild fire. But that was a few weeks ago and everything is back to normal. Last Friday night Maps still showed my town's streets as being closed and is redirecting me via an extra 5-10 minute loop to get home.

-Today... I did a quick check on what traffic would be like getting home. Maps said 1 hour, 15 minutes. I closed Maps and sent a message to someone. I reopened Maps a minute later and now, for the same drive, it said 58 minutes. I closed it and a minute later, it said 1 hour, 15 minutes again. I closed and reopened the wayward app, and it reverted to the shorter commute time. Me and a few other commuters that were with me, I had check, all had the same issue. None of us were trusting Maps at this stage.


I don't know what's going on with Google's (Alphabet Inc, if you must) Maps AI, but it's effing up pretty good these days, to the point that I don't even feel I can depend on it like I used to. Sure, in rural regions, Maps has its head up its ass as it keeps trying to take me down dirt roads that end on private properties and what not. I'm almost OK with that. It just means they haven't been that thorough with less critical, or rural areas. I get it.

I'm hoping it's a fluke of some kind, but this has been going on for a few weeks now and I have to reconsider a non-maps alternative. Waze, even though it's a Google product, is more crowd sourced and seems to be closer to accurate, so there's that. I haven't used MapQuest in forever, so who knows there.

But any way, thought you should know.

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