NBC, Pull Your Head Out of Your ( blank )

I was disappointed in how NBC covered Tyson Gay.

On the 10th of August, Gay says he is injury free

On the 14th when he misses out on the Men's 100m dash, one of the first questions out of the reporters mouth was about whether Tyson's old injury hampered his performance.  Tyson emphatically made the point that he is injury free and he just did not perform as well as he could have.

Yet after that "live" coverage, every time Bob Costas covered Gay's failure at qualifying, he kept saying due to the old injury.

I get adding drama.  I even get dealing with being live, of sorts.  But to not know 4 day old information covered by your own network, or blatantly disregarding the facts to pump up an on-air piece just frustrates the crap out of me.